Great news from the National Side Saddle Championships last weekend 1st 2nd 3rd August 2008 at Addington.

Hot Tip (Scrappit) and myself (smaller liver chestnut to right of pic below) went working hunter champion for the 4th time.

Buster and Bond

Prince Buster (also owned and bred by me, black horse in pic below) ridden by 16year old Sam Batten went reserve champion!

Sam has only been riding side saddle for 3 months and it was her first working hunter class side saddle.

I taught her to ride side saddle as she had a cartilage problem in her knees preventing her from riding astride. Her knees are better and the doctors say she can ride astride again, but she’s got the bug now and wants to come team chasing with our team Patey Hats Legover Ladies in the autumn!

Both of us hunt with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale. Now she is a reserve champion she’ll have to come out with me side saddle on Buster!

Also Buster Bond bought the house down with a very funny rendition of the James Bond Theme and Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger in the Caro Cripps....I’ve always wanted to shoot the judge!!! (see pic)


Winning Team